Momma Don't Hurt Me So Bad, the new Musical Comedy by Tod
Rainey, is a hilarious mix of Rocky Horror camp and Monty Python wit.
The score combines elements of Jazz, Blues, Classical, Gospel,
Country, and Rock into a brilliant mix of show tune fun. The orchestra
is first rate, the singing divine, and the lyrics are over the top! The
show, set in a whore house, has one major twist: the whores are all
men and the patrons are women! Not only does the plight of the
characters create a delicious reversal in Momma's bordello, but it
also reveals hysterical insight into the traditional gender roles which
most of us have grown out of anyway.

Ultimately, we discover that we all really want the same things in
life: a sense of belonging, someone to love, and both of our testicles
in one sack. Although the double and triple entendre humor will be
lost on some, most will find this recording completely enjoyable.
This soundtrack features new hits: Ass of an Angel, Every Little
Piece of the Man I Love, and God! My Diaper's Soiled!

We are running out of copies, so get your's now!! If you are looking for a
conversation starter for your next party...this is your CD!!

Due to the nature of the "Buy, Burn and Return" CD market, we can no longer offer a full money back refund for shipped merchandise; however, we will replace any CD's that arrive to your door damaged.

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